Let’s Get Started. Dating Apps.

Ok. This is the age of online dating. When I finally joined this century in technology (upgraded my 5 year old phone) friends were adamant that I get some dating apps. Apparently that’s what kids do nowadays. And since they were all dating someone, they wanted to use my apps to play with and see how they worked.

As I was just finishing my master degree and all my friends were moving away. This pretty much depleted my list of connections and friends in this city. It appeared I had no choice, so I downloaded the apps and dove in.

As someone with little to no social dating experience, this was going to be fun.
I quickly got matched with a  couple of the people who are just looking for hookups. Those fell in various aspects of the categories from before. Some simply said cool and moved on. there were a couple who asked lots of questions, then moved on.

And then there was an amazing amount of people who simply match with you and never response. I STILL don’t understand that. Seriously. Please can someone tell me the logic of this?

Within a couple weeks matched with someone, we talked and decided to grab dinner the next night. Apparently, they were just passing through (which apparenlty is pretty common around here). After trying to make plans to meet, I realized he was expecting something else… so flat out told him I am not sleeping with him. To my surprise, he still wanted to meet up.

Grabbed drinks and food, chatted and went our separate ways. He was cute and made me laugh. The type of guy I could actually like… if he didn’t live literally 3000+ miles away. I thought that was going to be it. Not a terrible first experience.

He actually called me a couple days later… just to say hi. No seriously. the call was “hey! Im out with a friend and you’re the only other person here I know, so I wanted to say hi… HI!… ok, you can hang up now. Bye!” probably one of the most adorable and confusing phone calls of my life.

We actually met up 2 more times that week before he left. Had a great time with low pressure. We did tourist stuff (which I had yet to do in this city), Talked about our lives and dating history (mine was obviously short and sweet). Helped him practice his English – LOVE this, by the way, keeps the conversation fun and ever changing.

On the final night before he left, we grabbed one more drink. It was then he asked me “would you like to kiss me?” My brain is screaming DUH! But I really wasn’t sure I should. He was leaving. I simply respond “should I?”
I looked at him and called him out: “You’re not used to being told no. And you don’t know what to do about it.”
He admitted, “normally I just kiss the girl, I don’t ask permission.”


We kissed. We parted. No regrets.


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