Dear Diary.. at the beginning

First. About me.

From small town USA. Left home at 17. Blew right through undergrad. Have my master degree. I am on the later half of my 28th year and like most millennials, work many jobs and have no idea what I am doing with my life.

I come from a stable middle class home with one older sibling. Yes I am the youngest, often I would have to overcompensate to to help balance out whatever the latest trouble older sibling got themselves into.

I’ve always been a fairly strong introvert with anxiety tendencies. Crowds kinda freak me out and I’ve never been comfortable being the center of attention. I’ve even been told that I dress with more than my fair conservativeness (although others say I dress provocative.. eye of the beholder?). That is all a long way to say… I am a 28 year old virgin.

Lets get the common questions out of the way.

No I am not saving myself till marriage

Yes, people have offered

No, I don’t really see it as an issue most of the time

Really only reason is I kept waiting to be in a relationship. That just hasn’t happened.

If I am being honest, and why not, this is the internet, it has a lot to do with me just never being comfortable enough with myself to take that step. Whether it is anxiety (what if i get pregnant? I don’t know what I am doing, I might screw this up! Will it hurt? Dear god why did no one have the sex talk with me?!), lack of self confidence, lack of trust in my partner…. I could list out possible reasons all day. Fact is, I am a virgin. And most days, I am ok with that.

Never really gave it much thought until recently. Dating and relationships have never been a priority. Never really wanted to get married. I’ll buy kids if I want them. And really, had other things to do like school and work. But now here I am. 28. With a master degree. Feeling like i am finally on the verge of getting my life together (I know I am not, but let a girl dream!)  Then at graduation something horrible happened.. All my friends moved away! Great. Now who’s going to entertain and feed me?

So, out of a somewhat necessity and somewhat curiosity i decide to start making dating a priority.

These are my adventures….


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